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CGM Research Trust is an independent, dedicated research facility situated within Central Christchurch, performing high quality clinical studies.

​We are a leading provider of clinical research trial services in pharmaceutical and medical research.

There are many reasons to choose CGM Research Trust as your research partner.

Why choose CGM for your trial?

We are experienced in navigating and bringing together multi-disciplinary teams to efficiently deliver complex and intensive study protocols.


We provide the specialist facilities required to successfully deliver experimental research studies. Such studies can require collaboration across NZ and beyond to bring the desired number of participants to designated study sites.

Our Clinical connections and collaborations allow for direct contact and recruitment of patients with complex medical needs and make the experience a comfortable one for both participants and their families during studies which may last weeks, months or even years.

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Our facilities

Our facilities include:

  • On-site temperature controlled Pharmacy

  • Drug refrigerators

  • -20°c freezer

  • -80°c freezer

  • Multi-speed refrigerated centrifuge

  • Software-driven ECGs

  • Access to local analytical laboratories and well equipped Radiology facilities

  • Secure area for storage of documents and clinical trial supplies

  • Off-site archiving facility

  • Secure entry to facility

  • Office area for visitors & monitors

  • Rapid access to international shipping companies

Our areas of therapeutic Interest

The CGM Research Trust, as an independent entity has the flexibility to undertake many types of trials.

We work with a number of local specialists who function as investigators and provide expertise in a variety of therapeutic areas such as Cardiology, Endocrinology, Interventional Radiology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and General Medicine.  A wide range of backgrounds provides a wealth of experience in many therapeutic areas, along with clinical connection referrals to us.

  • Surgical

  • Orthopaedic

  • Pain

  • Arthritis

  • Metabolic Bone Disease

  • Neurology

  • Ophthalmology

  • Other – sarcopenia, nutrition, respiratory/cough – Visit our Participate in a Trial page for more detail

Recruitment & Rentention

The CGM Research Trust is one of New Zealand’s leading research units.


Recruitment and retention of participants is a strength of CGM which comes from years of experience and clinical collaboration.

  • Access to a population catchment of approximately 750,000.

  • Innovative recruitment strategies.

  • Excellent record of participant retention rates ensuring high quality data.​

  • Recruitment services.

  • For information on New Zealand statistics go to the StatsNZ website.

Robust & wide range of health sector connections

Strong working relationships with other health service providers:


"Working with CGM Research Trust I have found the quality of research to be at the highest level.  Put simply, this is down to the wealth of experience and the willingness of the team to collaborate  investigating issues at the forefront of modern healthcare."


"What a pleasure it has been to be your CRA on this study! Thank you very much for all your hard work, for saving the study with your amazing recruitment rate and for being an overall dream site! I hope we get to work together again!"


Our Ethics & Standards

CGM Research Trust incorporates high Ethical standards and abides by local and international standards of Good Clinical Practice (ICH GHP).      

To ensure service delivery of a consistently high quality CGM Research Trust have developed standard operating procedures and well organised source documents.


CGM Research has been successfully audited by 5 international client organisations.

CGM Research has excellent working relationships with the New Zealand Ethics Committees and is highly experienced in Ethics submissions both local and multi-centre.

CGM Research Trust ensures correct preparation of all Ethics and associated documents to ensure timely approvals


Learn more about ethics:

Medsafe -

NZ Government -

Clinical Studies in New Zealand

New Zealand is an ideal location for a clinical study due to the population base, resources and a robust medical system.

  • Competitive and cost-effective clinical trial costs

  • Reverse seasonality to Northern Hemisphere

  • Western lifestyle diseases

  • Ethnic sub populations, especially Polynesian & Asian

  • Population of New Zealand is over 5 million (

  • Strong medical background and regulatory framework

  • High international standing in medical research

  • Adoption of ICH GCP and establishment of national guidelines for Human Research Ethics Committees

  • Less red tape and efficient approval processes

  • Medical practices similar to the United States & Western Europe

  • Dynamic and growing biotech industry

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