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About Us

Established in 1986, the CGM Research Trust is a charitable organisation committed to the enhancement of research and quality health care.

We are a Clinical Research Facility for medicines, medical and surgical treatment.
Our dedicated facility provides patient-centred studies and trials coordinated by our clinical specialised medical team, consisting of specialised Physicians and experienced dedicated Registered Nurses.

We provide a range of medical research and clinical trial services, based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Charitable Services

CGM Research Charitable Trust (The Canterbury Geriatric Medical Research Trust Board) was set up in 1987 by Dr. Nigel Gilchrist to assist the advancement of research and education regarding medical conditions and to promote better health for the elderly.


We offer a range of charitable services:

  • Patient consultations, memory testing

  • 24hr blood pressure monitoring

  • Sponsorship of locally initiated research projects

  • Travel and research grants are made available to health providers

  • Clinical services and consultancy to the pharmaceutical and medical research community

Meet The Team

Meet our team of friendly, expert physicians, experienced nurses, and administrative staff.


With decades of clinical experience between them, across multiple settings within the public and private sectors, our experienced Study Co-ordinators/Registered Nurses and Lab technologist provide exceptional care to all participants. Working together as a team their combined skills, knowledge and confidence, provide for safe, comfortable, holistic care throughout the duration of the trial.


All of this care is under the watchful eye of Physician Dr. Nigel Gilchrist who works alongside the study team.


Dr. Nigel Gilchrist

Primary Investigator, Specialist Consultant Physician





Deirdre Thompson

Clinical Research Manager,

Team Leader

Gardener extraordinaire

Keen crafter



Anita Meyer

Office Manager,

Personal Assistant

Keen camper

Admin whizz



Dr. Christian Brett


Specialist Consultant Anaesthetist


Gadget Geek

Dachshund Keeper


Maxene Kiesanowski

Clinical Research  Nurse,

Study Coordinator


Coffee snob

Wordle Master


Katrina Andrews

Clinical Research Nurse,

Study Coordinator



Mountain Biker


Helen Aitken

Laboratory Manager



Quiz Master


Jen Arnold

Clinical Research Nurse,

Study Coordinator

Mother of twins

Keen DIYer

TradeMe whizz 

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What is HealthOne?


HealthOne is a south island based secure electronic record that allows registered healthcare providers directly involved in your healthcare, to quickly access information such as your test results, allergies, medications, GP summaries and hospital information. HealthOne strictly adheres to the principles of the Privacy Act, 2020 as well as Rule 5 (Storage and Security of Health Information) set out in the Health Information Privacy Code 2020.  Access is only possible via an approved highly secure healthcare information network which is regularly audited and tested.  Privacy auditing is used to check that only those directly involved in your care are accessing your information. To find out more about HealthOne please visit  Please note that you are entitled to restrict the sharing of your healthcare records by contacting 0508 837 872 or emailing”   

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